Gsx - controllo totale dell'infrastruttura email

Gestire in modo efficiente i server di messaggistica....
Automazione della manutenzione dei server ....
Gestione proattiva degli utenti....
Diminuire drasticamente i crash dei server e le interruzioni di servizio...
Vi mostriamo come GSX può migliorare la gestione della vostra infrastruttura di messaggistica

GSX Groupware Solutions
With over 15 years of experience at developing solutions for email administrators and IT managers, GSX has become one of the leading provider of monitoring and management solutions for Lotus/Domino™, Exchange, Blackberry and Sametime. GSX is offering a range of software solutions to optimize your messaging server administration. Here are our 3 main products:

GSX Monitor
: Monitoring and reporting in real time for servers, services, tasks, databases, without any agent on the server.
GSX Server Guard
: Server maintenance automatisation, automatic corrective actions in case of trouble on the server Domino (as relaunching of a task, Domino server reboot or Windows reboot)
GSX ID Manager
: Secure and automatic Workflow for creation and modifications of ID and Notes Groups.


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